DATE:                        JANUARY 3, 1991.


TIME:                          7:10 PM


Those present at the fourth meeting of the MPAPC were:  Richard Smeriglio, Mark Stauble, Jeff Estes, Ann Painter, Ellen O'Brien, Irene Lindquist and Richard Beaudoin.


The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted..


            There followed an informal discussion about alternate members to the committee should someone be unable to continue his or her­ duty. Richard Smeriglio will contact the Borough office to see what procedure should be used, and if some were received, other than those appointed by the mayor. Ann Painter will act as back-up secretary should Richard Beaudoin miss a meeting.


The group started right into the agenda set by the president, and the remainder of the evening was spent discussing:


a)      the bike path extension

b)      the speed limit zone extension

c)      refuse disposal facilities

d)      the Moose Pass School

e)      the Volunteer Fire Company

f)       the community Hall/ Library

g)      a community water system


The context of that discussion will be part of a report that will not be published until it is complete, because it may be subject to many revisions/alterations.


We have not received our information packet on Flood Plains or Coastal Management from the Borough yet, when Ellen called Cynthia Spearrow, she assured her it was forthcoming, and that the new regulations now affected 1000 feet above sea level instead of the first 600 feet of elevation.


The meeting ended at 9:35 pm.




The regular meeting night is on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM, at the Moose Pass Community Hall. The alternate date is two days later on Thursday.