Moose Pass Advisory Planning Commission


Minutes for 5 January 1993


Moose Pass Community Hall


1905 hrs.


Present were Ann Painter, Mark Staubel, Jeff Estes, Rick Smeriglio, and Ellen O'Brien. Also present were Red Smith and Larry Smith who had requested to make a presentation to our group,


Results of the vote on the plan were announced and the Moose Pass Plan was accepted. Rick agreed to send a letter to the Borough to inform them of our acceptance of the plan. A photocopy of the Moose Pass water wheel logo will be sent with the letter with a request to have it displayed on the cover. After discussion of the inaccuracy of the Borough mailings to area residents it was agreed to send a corrected list for future mailings to the Borough.


A letter sent to the MPAPC but meant for the "Moose Pass Chamber of Commerce" from the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Chugach National Forest regarded grant proposals. It was decided that Jeff would deliver it to Jack Taylor and the Sportsman's Club.


The group discussed combining the next Sportsman's Club meeting with a presentation Ed Martin from the Borough Planning Dept. would like to make regarding logging in the Moose Pass area,


At 1930 hrs Terry and Steve Brady of Husky Forest Products arrived to assist the Smith's in their presentation.


A presentation was given by Red Smith regarding logging in the Moose Pass area and a proposed plywood plant at Crown Point, He expressed a desire to create jobs and gave a figure of eventually 400 jobs at this "major timber processing mill".


Terry Brady displayed samples of planned products of laminated lumber, plywood and edge glued panels. They explained that 40 to 80 acres would be needed for siting the plant not including support industries.


At 2100 hrs the presentation and questioning were completed. MPAPC members discussed how to use and disseminate the information presented The group decided that the meeting with Ed Martin might take too long to be combined with the Sportsman's Club meeting. Rick agreed to contact Ed Martin to set up a time convenient with him,


2130 hrs‑ meeting adjourned.