DATE:         FEBRUARY 2, 1991


TIME:         7:08 PM


The members present at the fifth meeting of the MPAPC were:  Richard Smeriglio, Mark Stauble, Ann Painter, Ellen O'Brien, Irene Linquist, and Richard Beaudoin. Jeff Estes was enjoying some well deserved vacation time State/Side.


The minutes of the January meeting were read and accepted with some minor corrections.


Ann Painter gave us a fairly detailed report from the Kenai. Peninsula Borough meeting that she had just attended. The Comprehensive Planning Commission will have out a Public Survey Questionnaire by the end of March. This will be a 20 year plan, a copy she had with her; and passed around resulted in some discussion. This should be very helpful, and give them some idea of the public mood at this time. With the State suffering a downturn recession since 1985, they may get a lot of response and suggest ions.


The agenda set for this month was:

1) residential development

2) rural life style

3) growth of Tourism

4) economic development

5) other topics not covered in the community goals


After some discussion on these items, a rough draft was formulated. This All be cleaned up) and typed and will be re accessed at the next meeting for possible corrections or changes. When it meets the satisfaction of all, it will become part of the main questionnaire.


The balance of the evening was spent editing parts of the questions roughly drafted at the January meeting.


The meeting ended at 9:38 pm.


The regular meeting night is on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm, at the Moose Pass Community Hall. The alternate date, in case of change; is two days later on Thursday.