DATE: APRIL 4, 1991


TIME: 7:08 p.m.


The meeting started later, 7:08 waiting for some late arrivals. Those present at the seventh meeting of the MPAPC were: Irene Lindquist, Ellen O'Brien, Mark Stauble, Jeff Estes, Richard Smeriglio, and Richard Beaudoin. Ann Painter arrived a bit later due to other commitments.


Richard Smeriglio brought up the subject of the Forest Service letter we received in the mail concerning new applicants for Guide and Outfitter Applications. After a thorough discussion, it was decided that the matter would be best be handled by individual response from the community members or the Sportsmen's Club. We will encourage the Forest Service to keep us posted, and solicit comments and letters they may send out periodically concerning Forest Service Lands in and around the Moose Pass area.


Ann Painter brought in the Borough statistics on the number of lots around the Moose Pass area and how many of them have improvements on them. This data will be made available as part of the Questionnaire.


Jeff Estes brought up the possibility of multiple family dwellings and large businesses. After some discussion changes were made to the original document. Mark and Richard S. both felt that our concerns should also address State lands as well as Borough lands and though this may not be the time and place, they would like to go on record that this is a vital concern to many members of the community. Therefore the words "State lands" will appear in the questionnaire.


We finished assessments of the current Community Goals at approximately 8:53 and started addressing other areas of concern.


Irene brought up the subject of Toxic and Hazardous Substances in the area. After a good discussion a question was structured for the questionnaire to address this topic.


The Ball Diamond at the North edge of town was discussed next, and because this is getting a lot more tourist traffic every year, a question concerning it's future will also appear in our document.


The meeting ended at 9:30 p.m.


The next regular meeting of the MPAPC will be May 7th at the Community Hall. The alternate date for that meeting will be Thursday May the 9th.