DATE:      October 18, 1990


The first meeting of the Moose Pass Advisory Planning Commission for 1990 convened at the Moose Pass Community Hall at 7:05P.M. This first round table discussion was organized and chaired by Sylvia Spearow from the Kenai Peninsula Borough and was attended by all the appointees designated by Mayor Don Gilman.


Those in attendance were: Jeff Estes, Irene Lindquist, Ellen O'Brien, Ann Painter, Richard Smeriglio, Mark Stauble and Richard Beaudoin.


Sylvia lead the meeting into a discussion of possible scenerios or ideas that could involve the Moose Pass Advisory Planning Commission and cited examples from neighboring communities and the actions they chose to adopt. She will send us copies of some of their documents that we could use as role models if we so desired. She brought along maps of the acreage selected by the Borough and explained the process involved and the resources available to us at the Borough level.


We discussed topics such as: tourism, trails, and water sheds and also the need to look far ahead to ensure sensible land uses for future generations.


Through voluntary action and unanimous consent amongst the members it was decided that Richard Smeriglio would be President for three years, Mark Stauble would be Vice President for one year, Richard Beaudoin would be secretary for two years. Other members selecting annual terms were: Jeff Estes, 3 years; Irene Linquist, two years; Ellen O'Brien, one year; and Ann Painter, three years. It was decided that the group should meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 P.M. at the Moose Pass Community Club allowing the Thursday next to be the alternate date should the need arise for a change, example: the first Tuesday in November is election day, therefore, it will be held on Thursday November, 8th.


Ellen O'Brien and Mark Stauble suggested that a questionnaire be assembled and sent out to all 115 households affected by any action of this Commission to help give it direction, this was unanimously endorsed, and all agreed that we needed time to get organized and that nothing should be decided at the first few meetings.


The meeting closed at 9P.M. on an air of good will and the fall of fresh falling snow!