The second meeting of the M.P.A.P.C. was held Nov. 8, 1990 at the Moose Pass Community Hall. Those in attendance were, Mark Stauble, Richard Smeriglio, Ann Painter, Ellen O'Brien, Jeff Estes, and Richard Beaudoin.


The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted without corrections.


Mark suggested that a typed out agenda like the one that Richard S. had sent out to all members, covering topics to be discussed, was a great idea; and asked that this become a regular event at all meetings, everyone agreed.


By mutual agreement it was decided not to run the meetings by Robert's Rules, but by popular consensus. The president will act as agenda setter and moderator. All items locked in a tie vote will automatically be tabled till the next meeting for further discussion and research. All votes will be by a show of hands!


During the discussion of agenda item (Commission's short term focus), Ellen suggested that a Moose Pass Community Plan for Moose Pass, could only be reached by working closely with the Sportsmans Club, and since most of us belong to it also, it may be best to voice our opinions at those meetings. Ann Painter has been appointed by Mayor Don Gilman to the Borough Planning Commission, and will provide important input to our meetings. The MPAPC will be better poised to present the Moose Pass Community input at the Borough level. Capital projects would best be addressed by the Moose Pass Sportsmans Club.


In discussing the questionnaire, Mark suggested that its scope be wide enough to cover most possible scenarios. After its draft is completed, it may be necessary to send it out in two or more segments.


     It was decided to post the approved of the past month's meeting publicly on the Post Office bulletin board. All input to the group will be by individual suggestions and input from the open meetings from the Moose Pass Community.  The MPAPC will not have open meetings except by special request, but no one will be turned away from attending or listening in (without voting privileges). Ellen will check with the Borough concerning the status of closed meetings. If the meeting night is to be changed, it will be announced by a telephone call, and must have majority consent. Anyone unable to attend will be asked to forward written comment to the proposed agenda.


     Mark suggested we deal primarily with Borough lands, and with private land only as a generality (and very softly).  Unless the populace is an uproar over some private individuals wish to install, build or develop land in a manner detrimental to the community as a whole; we will only make suggestions concerning private land.

Information from the Borough will be decimated at our meetings, and will be reflected and the posted minutes.


We will exchange minutes of our meetings with those of the Sportsmans Club if they are so agreeable. Jeff felt this would be proper to keep everyone informed. It is the unanimous will of this commission to work closely and openly with the MPSC and exchange any and all data or information by mutual briefing of the Chair/President.


It was felt that capital improvement dollars would best be handled by the MPSC and that we, as individuals, could have our input via this club. We as a group could address issues of special interest on a broader scale as the need arises.


     A discussion of Community goals set during a public meeting of April 27, 1990 followed. Richard Smeriglio presented papers of a Borough outline for this area dated November 3, 1989. Copies will be made for all members. As of yet we do not have a hard copy of the thirteen goals voted on at a Community meeting dated April 17, 1990. Gwynn Gardner has them and will make them available to us.     Lori Leary has a questionnaire dated approximately 1985, and will try to get copies of this document for us also.


Mark suggested that this info would be a great philosophical rather than specific outline for a questionnaire, i.e., where will Moose Pass be 10 years from now!


Richard Beaudoin recommended that the secretary keep a file of all past and current documents available at all levels of involvement, if it concerns this community's Advisory Planning Commission. Copies are to be made available to anyone upon request.


Discussion of the questionnaire to gather public input did not progress very far.  We will set our goals first, and then set a format, etc.  Most likely one questionnaire per household with room for more than one input (differing views in one household).  This may include location geographically, and room to request additional questionnaires.  We may have a general survey, followed by a specific questionnaire at a later date.  Other business drifted back mostly to the questionnaire.  Since this will be our primary source of input, it is bound to occupy most of our time over the next few meetings.


Meeting adjourned at 9:35 P.M.