Moose Pass Advisory Planning Commission Meeting


Minutes for November 19, 1991


Moose Pass Community Hall


7:00 p.m.


The meeting started with Irene Lindquist, Mark Staubel, Ann Painter, Jeff Estes and Rick Smeriglio present.


After discussion, the group decided that November 28 would be the cutoff date for accepting questionnaires to be included in the current tabulation.


After discussion, the group decided to formulate a paragraph about each question in the recently returned questionnaire. Each question and its results would be included in the forthcoming Moose Pass Plan.


The group agreed to prepare a map of the area that would display Federal, State, Borough and private ownerships, The MPAPC would also overlay alternatives for various proposed uses on the map. The group agreed that the first map would be a draft subject to public approval.


In other business the group delayed designating a new Chair until the Borough appoints a new person to the MPAPC.


The meeting ended at 9:00 p.m.