Moose Pass Advisory Planning Commission


December 1, 1992 the meeting began with general complaints about the monsoon weather and with looking at area maps to be perused. Present were Ann P., Mark S., Rick S., Jeff E. and Ellen O'B.


2he mechanics of the Community Plan vote were discussed. Counting will be done by at least three members at the close of voting day. Jeff, Ann and Mark agreed to be present then. Ellen agreed to provide a box for the collection of ballots. The Community Hall will be manned by the members throughout Dec. 15th in shifts starting at 1000 hrs until 2000 hrs. Ellen agreed to submit an announcement to the Phoenix Log regarding the up coming vote.


Further discussion about continued work on land use planning led to an agreement to have a community meeting in January or early next year for more community input and/or to send out another questionnaire. We also discussed having someone from the Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Dept. join us in Jan. for guidance on ways to proceed. It was agreed that we should offer three to five land use options covering a range of pro‑ and anti‑ development views. Jeff agreed to provide cardboard backing and to set up maps. The milar will be applied at the next meeting and options will be explored. A community vote was seen as a necessary step for both the written and map sections of the plan.


The meeting adjourned at 2115 hrs.