Date: 12-4-90


The 3rd meeting of the MPAPC held on Dec. 4th began, at 7:05, those present were, Mark Stauble, Richard Smeriglio, Ellen O'Brien, Ann Painter, Irene Linquist, and Richard Beaudoin.


The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted without change.


A discussion followed about the status of our meetings. Ellen contacted Sylvia Spearow, who explained the legal aspects of public meetings, and explained a possible forum for our sessions. She believes that better PR is achieved if public input is allowed at our work sessions. The group agreed, that with prior notice of at least one week, anyone wishing to address the commission, will be allowed time to make a statement at the beginning of the evening. Those wishing to do so should contact Richard Smeriglio @ 288-3614, or Richard Beaudoin @ 288-3608. Since this month's minutes will be displayed at the Post Office, it was recommended to add a footnote announcing our next meeting date, time and location. This will be done from this time forth.


            A review of the Moose Pass Community Goals, dated (4-27-90) was discussed.  On the subject of land parcel size, Ann commented that legally, the smallest lot allowed that will be adequate for both a potable water well and a home septic system, is one acre. A public water system does not seem practical for Moose Pass at this time; however, Richard Smeriglio will talk with State Engineers and utility people about costs, maintenance, etc. to see if it's even feasible. At two points in "the goals" the words "rural life style" appear. There is a need to define what this means to residents and how a small town atmosphere might be preserved while promoting tourism.


In reviewing the Cooper Landing Questionnaire, several things became apparent, first it was felt that there should be room for two sets of answers to all questions (to reflect differing views in one household) also, we all agreed that the survey at the end was too personal and took on a census type of atmosphere that would be seen as an invasion of privacy; this will not be used in our format.  A cover page describing the Borough Land selected and some of the issues and objectives of the questionnaire had unanimous approval and will be used along with a brief statement made before all questions. It is hoped that all questionnaires will be filled and returned to us, to give us direction and support. The end result will‑be a document that we can present to the Borough, specifying the needs, desires, and vision of the Moose Pass Community for the future.


Food for thought, Moose Pass, which is below the 600 foot elevation falls into two categories that can have some impact on land use, it is both within a FLOOD PLAIN, and the     


COASTAL MANAGEMENT AREA.  Ellen will request more information on this from the Borough. Though the Moose Pass area is not infested with the Spruce Beetle, it will most likely be inevitable in the future and a plan should be drawn up before it is too late.  Irene Linquist

will provide us with some maps that we can reduce and include in our questionnaire.  Other topics that  need to be addressed, include but not limited to, hazardous waste, avalanche areas, watershed, and rights-of-ways for access and trails and the list goes on!


The ten goals outlined by the Moose Pass Sportsman Club will be a beginning point for our questionnaire and that project will begin in earnest at our next meeting.  We will "cut and paste" and arrange our final document later, printing both sides of the document to save space and money.


Our meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm.



The regular meeting night is on the first Tuesday of the month, at 7:00 pm, at the Moose Pass Community Hall.  The alternate date is 2 days later on Thursday.