October 1991


Dear Friends of Moose Pass:


About a year ago, the Kenai Peninsula Borough appointed seven of your neighbors to serve on the Moose Pass Advisory Planning Commission. We need your help to better serve the needs of Moose Pass.


Please complete the following questionnaire and mail it to: Moose Pass Advisory Planning Commission, Box 516, Moose Pass, Alaska 99631 OR give to any Advisory Planning Commissioner listed below OR drop off at the designated Planning Survey Box at the Moose Pass Post Office.


Thanks for your help and contact any of us listed below for more information.




Richard Smeriglio

Moose Pass Advisory Planning Commission


Richard Beaudoin                 Jeff Estes

Irene Lindquist                  Ellen O'Brien

Ann Painter                      Richard Smeriglio 288‑3614

Mark Stauble





The following questions pertain to comments or goals as determined­ at past Sportsman's Club meetings and other topics that must be addressed by a Moose Pass Comprehensive Plan. Your response to this questionnaire will be used to draft such a plan, the results of which will be presented at a public meeting. The final document will be presented to the Borough for inclusion in its Comprehensive Plan. Your response and additional comments will help us chart a course for the future of this community. Please take the time and help us make these important decisions; the time you take will be greatly appreciated.



Moose Pass presently has a bike path from the south of town, north to the Ball Diamond area.



     1. Should the bike path be extended?            69% yes  no 26%

     2. Extend it north?                             53% yes  no 16%

     3. South towards Seward?                        67% yes  no 15%



Near the Moose Pass townsite, there is a high potential for highway accidents. Some school bus pickups must be made in the bends of the road, just north and south of town.



1. Should we request an extension of the controlled speed zone through town?    68% yes  no 29%


2. Should the speed in these extensions (if adopted) be 50% 35 mph . . or . . 45 mph 13% . . or . . 55 mph 3% (circle one)


3. If you endorse an extension, where should it begin, . . mile 27.5  [37%] to the south or (other) ; end at mile 31 to the north [39%] or (other).



The area has two dumpster sites, one at mile 24, and one at mile 29.5. Large items must be hauled to Seward and hazardous household items are collected locally once a year.



     1. Are you satisfied with:

           (a) The present disposal system?           81% yes  no 16%           

(b) Current locations?                     71% yes  no 19%


2. Are more frequent pickups needed?            32% yes  no 52%


3. Should dumpsters be relocated away from plain view?

                                                     42% yes  no 52%


4. Should area be incorporated for larger items?

                                                16% yes no 66%


5. Should visual screening provided for dumpster locations?

                                                47% yes no 37%


The school is the focal point for many community activities. There has been widespread concern that it should be maintained and improved as warranted.



1.   Do you think the school should expand I when necessary, providing new facilities?    79% yes  no 18%


2.   Continue to provide Jr. High?              60% yes  no 37%


3.   Should a new school site be selected for the future, providing greater safety and more space than the present location?           29% yes  no 68%



The Moose Pass Volunteer Fire Company presently has access to three refill sites with fire hydrants available for year round operations: the fish hatchery,. . Estes Bros., Store, . . and the Ralph Moore residence. Moose Pass has several dedicated fire fighters, but still has the worst fire insurance rating. With more volunteers, increased training and improved equipment the level of protection would be increased for everyone.   At present all equipment is located at the community hall.




1. Should we continue to support our volunteer fire company?  97% yes  no 0%


2. Do you think the level of protection our fire company provides is sufficient?                      50% yes  no 37%


3. Would you be interested in attending a 5 day (State sponsored) fire training course, to become a certified structural fire fighter?  37% yes  no 58%


4. Should an auxiliary site be identified for a future fire house?  50% yes  no 42%


5. Should a new site be identified for our fire equipment?  28% yes  no 65%


6. Should we identify additional locations for year round water access?    79% yes  no 13%



   The community hall is on a small lot with only a few feet of space on either side, the area in front extends to the roadway, but has right‑of-way set backs. The original design provided for a second story. The structure is in dire need of a new roof.



     1. Shall we continue to support the community hall?  97% yes  no 3%


     2. Which roof repair option would you approve: (circle one)

        5%  (a) Repair the existing flat roof.

        19% (b) Replace the flat roof with a new pitched metal roof.

        58% (c) Install a new pitched roof and place walls under it at the same time, for future second story expansion.­


     3. Would you support expanding the hall size?   58% yes  no 32%


4. Would you support expansion of our library at the same time?       58% yes  no 34%


5. Should we identify a new site for a future community hall?       59% yes  no 65%


What are your suggestions on this:



Shallow bedrock and small lots have made development of adequate water and D.E.C. approved septic systems a problem in the Moose Pass townsite.



1. Is your water quantity adequate?        77% yes  no 13%


     2. Is its quality adequate or safe?        79% yes  no 10%


3. Is your septic system adequate?         77% yes  no 6%


4. Should the community study a CO‑OP central water system?  40% yes  no 48%


5. For the townsite only?                  42% yes  no 42%



People are attracted to the Moose Pass area for a variety of reasons. A theme often heard at community gatherings is "rural lifestyle". This phrase appears in two important community goals. To help us define it, please circle those items below that best describes "Rural Lifestyle" to you.

81% (1) low population density           (2) low taxes. 52%


    55% (3) small local school                (4) solitude. 45%


39% (5) fewer bldg. restrictions          (6) no zoning. 42%


63% (7) good access to recreation lands..  (8) low crime rate. 58%


48% (8) low commercial development         (10) friendly atmosphere. 65%


57% (11) lack of costly city services


58% (12) the ability to pursue a self sufficient lifestyle.


Your comments: _______________________________________________



1. Would you like to see economic growth in the Moose Pass area?  52% yes  no 44%


2. Would you like to see public money spent to promote economic development in the Moose Pass area?  35% yes  no 66%


3. Do you favor public lands being conveyed to private use for economic development such as:

(1) light industrial                    29% yes  no 58%

(2) heavy industrial                    6% yes  no 81%

(3) tourism                             56% yes  no 39%

(4) large businesses                    10% yes  no 79%

(5) small businesses                    55% yes  no 37%


(6) Your comments: ________________________________________



The population of the Moose Pass area has been more or less stable for the last 50 years. There are presently 381 individual lots in the Moose Pass area. Of these 230 are bare lots, and 151 have some type of building or improvements. The State has selected 8,558 acres from the Federal Public Domain. It is seeking conveyance of 5,753 additional acres. Borough lands around Moose Pass amount to approximately 600 acres. The Borough is seeking conveyance of 8,558 additional acres from within the State Selected Lands. When this land is conveyed to the Borough, it could be used for economic, residential or recreational development, or left in its present state. The Borough has stated that any land sold would be at current market value.



(1)  Do you favor Borough/State lands being conveyed to private ownership?      66% yes  no 24%


For: (a) Residential home building?                  73% yes  no 23%


(b) Privately owned Recreational                55% yes  no 35%


           (c) Multi Family Dwellings?                     25% yes  no 60%


0 ac - 26%

1 to 5 - 53%

5+ - 5%

What size recreational lots would you favor?

0 lots - 29%

1 to 30 - 6%

30+ - 21%

What size recreational lots would you favor?

0 ac - 26%

1 to 5 - 56%

5+ - 5%

What size residential lots would you favor?

0 lots - 24%

1 to 40 - 8%

40+ - 21%

How many lots should be set aside for this purpose?



Trail Lake and the Moose Pass area are rated one of the most scenic areas in all Alaska, and because of it is easy access, it has the potential to attract a larger segment of the tourist industry. Promoting tourism while maintaining a rural ‑lifestyle is one of our community goals.



1. Would you like to see the tourist industry grow in the area? 56% yes  no 40%


2. Do you think we can promote tourism, and still preserve a rural lifestyle?   61% yes  no 34%


3. Who should promote future tourism in the Moose Pass area?

     (A) community funds                             31% yes  no 42%


     (B) public funds                                31% yes  no 40%


(C) private sector                              56% yes  no 21%


(D) none of the above                            15% yes  no 21%


(E) Your comments:  ____________________________________________



The Public is becoming more informed and equally concerned and conscientious about our environment and the effects our actions can have upon it. Chemicals are part of our everyday lives.



(1) Should the Moose Pass area consider adopting as a Community Goal restrictions on the commercial use of, transport,0 storage or disposal of Toxic or Hazardous substances in this area?      75% yes  no 18%




The Ball Diamond at the North edge of town is fast becoming a non-restricted area for RVs and campers. As many as 30 camping units have been counted in this area. Some residents resent this, and have expressed concern that locals will in the future be denied traditional use of this area as a community use area.



1.  Do you favor as a community goal, acquisition of the Ball area as a community Park?                  66% yes  no 23%


2.  Would you favor the State/Borough obtaining the land for use as a Park and develop it?                32% yes  no 53%


3.  Other ___________________________________________________



    There are a number of historic and general use trails in the area that cross Federal, State, Borough lands and private lands.



1.   Should rights‑of‑way be pursued for trails through these areas?                                 69% yes  no 16%      6% maybe



Beetles have destroyed forests in Cooper Landing and are moving this way. Forest Service plans at local campgrounds include chemical controls. Other means of addressing this problem are available, including logging and prescribed burns.



1.  Do you feel beetles are or will be a problem for Moose Pass?    84% yes  no 11%


2.  Do you favor use of chemicals to treat beetles?  19% yes  no 74%


3.  Do you favor alternate methods of controlling beetles?  79% yes  no 6%


4.  Should this be addressed locally?          74% yes  no 11%


5.  If yes, should this be addressed aggressively?  61% yes  no 19%


6. Should the Borough, State and USFS be encouraged to come up with plans for beetle problems and present them locally?  87% yes  no 8%