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 Kenai Peninsula Borough Economic Census


The U.S. Census Bureau prepares an economic census every five years, covering years ending in ''2" and "7."  The most recent economic census provides data from 2002 economic activity, and is being released for publication during 2005, as it becomes available.

The economic census provides data classified by the North America Industry Classification System (NAICS) sectors determined as a result of  the North America Free Trade Agreement:  Mining; Utilities; Construction; Manufacturing; Wholesale Trade; Retail Trade; Transportation & Warehousing; Information; Finance & Insurance; Real Estate & Rental & Leasing; Professional, Scientific & Technical Services; Management of Companies & Enterprises; Administrative & Support & Waste Management & Remediation Services; Educational Services; Health Care & Social Assistance; Arts, Entertainment & Recreation; Accommodation & Food Services; and lastly, Other Services (except Public Administration).  These reports publish data on the state level, most provide data on the county (borough) level, and some also have data for place (city) level.  Six of the industries (Mining, Utilities, Construction, Transportation & Warehousing, Finance & Insurance; Management of Companies & Enterprises) do not provide data below the state level. 

The data provides an opportunity to compare Kenai Peninsula economic activity with that of Alaska as a whole and with other Borough municipalities that meet criteria for inclusion in the census. For each sector, information will be presented to the lowest level available. Data is presented in two separate data sets: 1) establishments that have payroll, and 2) nonemployer establishments.  Data for establishments with payroll provides significant detail, but that for nonemployer establishments provides only the number of establishments and total sales of those establishments.  In this report, nonemployer data is provided in a simple table at the bottom of each industry sector page and is limited to only those firms subject to income taxes.

Economic Census data is presented separately from other industry studies because KPB sales are reported based on the SIC codes, which are no longer used by the U.S. and Alaska.  To try to compare the data, or to show relationships would be pointless because the classification systems have been changed to a point where many sectors  cannot be reasonably compared.

All employee counts reflect employees employed during the pay period including March 12 of the year reported.  

D = data withheld for confidentiality; N = data not available throughout section.

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